Dr.Qasim Rasool Ilyas

Dr.Qasim Rasool Ilyas

New Delhi: The Federal General Council of the Welfare Party of India has elected Dr. SQR Ilyas as the national president of the party for the next term for 4 years.

The election was necessitated due to the resignation of Mr. Mujtaba Farooq from the post due to his personal problems. Considering the compulsions and reasons raised by Mujtaba Farooq, the FGC accepted the resignation unanimously and elected. Dr. Ilyas.

Dr. SQR. Ilyas presently serving as General Secretary (Org) of the party is a doctorate holder in Chemistry and is a well known journalist and is the publisher of Afkar e Milli. Dr. Ilyas is associated with so many community and social organizations.

Dr. Ilyas addressing the FGC members exhorted them to work hard to take the task of combating the emerging challenges before the nation. A particular culture and thought is being imposed on the country. While the corporate and multinational get more sops and concessions, the poor are being deprived of their rights. The country will witness soon that the corporate who put their might and weight in bringing the new government at the centre will force the government to get them back their investment returned with heavy dividend. The opposition parties who are bound to defeat the anti people policies of the present government have admitted their impotency and inefficiency in correcting the mistakes. The citizens fail to find any serious political party that can take on the challenges raised by corporate, capitalist and communal forces.

Dr. Ilyas asked the FGC members to face the challenges ahead and to get the confidence of the country men as a viable and principled political party.

In recent months several WPI leaders have left the party, citing different reasons, including Tasleem Rehmani, Dr Zafarul Islam Khan and others.