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‘Destroy sheepskin of the sacrificial animal’ Muslims advised on the occassion of Bakrid


Eid Al Adha – BAKRID is falling on 12th August as per the Islamic calendar.

Awami Insaaf Movement , a non-political organisation in Hyderabad, has taken the initiative to create awareness amongst the Muslims not just in Hyderabad but all over India by creating short video clips and posting on the page on Facebook specially created to inform why the sheepskin has to be destroyed.

Usually a maximum number of Muslims who offer sacrifice of an animal donate the hide/ skin to charity organisations so that they can sell the same and use the money for their purposes.

But the middle men have reduced the price of the skin drastically as a result of which the charity organisations are getting a mere Rs.20 – 30 per skin.

In such a situation it is wiser to donate money to the charity organisations/ madarsas and destroy the animal skin.



Khalid Hassan, General Secretary of Awami Insaaf Movement, has listed out the reasons for why we should destroy the animal skin the Charm e Qurbani instead of selling it or donating it. He says,

“1. We have seen that the price of charm (skin) has dropped drastically over the past few years from a decent Rs. 200-300 per Charm(skin) to as low as 20-30 per charm & even lower during Bakrid.
2. This is affecting mostly Muslims as 99% of traders of Charm (skin) who  supplied to factories were Muslims.
3. Many Muslims had started donating the Charm(skin) to Madarsas, orphanages etc. & these organizations were able to meet a large part of their yearly expenses by selling these Charms(skins) . However, with prices crashing drastically, Madarsas are unable to take care of their wards.
4. Since people were already donating Charms(skins) , they weren’t keen on donating further funds to these organizations making survival extremely difficult for Madarsas & orphanages.
5. However, even though the price of raw material has dropped to as low as 10% of its actual value, there is no corresponding drop in prices of finished leather goods. This is a clear indication that middle-men & factories are raking in all the profits.

To rectify this artificially created price-drop, all Muslims are requested to destroy & bury the Charm e Qurbani this year which will lead to  correction of this situation & lead to an increase in the price of Charm from next year onwards to decent levels benefitting everyone.

Khalida Parveen, President of Amoomat Society, Hyderabad, said, this is a very good move. ” We must teach these rich people a lesson”.

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