CPM Demands Arrest of Kapil Mishra After Report Exposes Hate Factory of His Toolkit


BJP leader Kapil Mishra
BJP leader Kapil Mishra

‘Hindu Ecosystem’ led by the controversial BJP leaders ‘shows several levels of communal messaging mainly targeted against minorities

NEW DELHI – Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPM) leader Brinda Karat on Tuesday wrote to Delhi Police Commissioner demanding arrest of controversial Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Kapil Mishra after an investigative report revealed that he led an ecosystem which spreads hatred against Muslims, Sikhs and farmers of the country.

“We demand that you arrest Kapil Mishra for spreading enmity between different communities. His actions are anti- national and appropriate legal clauses should be invoked to take action against him,” reads the letter. The letter was written by Karat and CPM secretary of Delhi unit K.M. Tewari to S.N Shrivastva, Delhi Police Commissioner, referring to the arrest of Bangalore-based climate activist Disha Ravi in a toolkit case. They condemned Disha’s arrest saying that there was nothing seditious in Disha’s tootlkit. They said that on the contrary Disha’s toolkit called for unity.

On the other hand, the letter pointed out, Mishra’s group ‘Hindu Ecosystem’ “shows several levels of communal messaging mainly targeted against minorities.” “There are also numerous malicious fake news messages which seek to defame the farmers’ protests. There is also an attempt to link the anti-CAA protests with the farmers’ protests calling it “anti-Hindu”.

CPM targeted the Union Home Ministry under which the Delhi Police functions for showing leniency to Mishra and arresting a climate activist Disha.

Mishra, who has been accused of inciting Delhi’s anti-Muslim riots last year February, had shared the membership form of ‘Hindu Ecosystem’ on 16 November 2020 from his Twitter handle and appealed to his followers to join the group. Reporters at the portal Newslaundry infiltrated the group and exposed what was being done in the group.

“Thus we came to have a fly-on-the-wall view of how this ecosystem operates, how it creates propaganda material, how it comes up with toxic narratives, and how it manufactures trends across social media platforms to whip up communal hatred and bigotry, and, of course, support for Hindutva,” said the report.

There are 27,000 people who joined Mishra’s communal ecosystem; 15,000 joined its Telegram group; and 5,000 people joined its Twitter group. Most of the members of the group are from upper castes.  They all work in a very organized manner to spread communal hatred against Muslims, Sikhs, Farmers and others. They share Islam and Muslim related unverified information. For example, they have shared lists of mosques located in various states which they claim has been built after demolishing temples.  They also shared a way of spreading the same information by every member of the group on Twitter which helps in trending the information on social media. They also share fake claims and reports which show Hindus are in danger.

After protesting farmers clashed with the Delhi Police on the Republic Day, they shared information related to Sikh attributing it to terror activities. Posts were shared related to “Sikh terrorism”.

“If you don’t yet fully grasp the gravity of what’s being done through groups such as the Hindu Ecosystem, allow us to spell it out: they are fountains of misinformation, propaganda directed at hatred. They create and spread, in an organised way, Hindu supremacist and anti-minority bile, and incite communal hatred,” said the report.


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