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EditorSeptember 20, 2021

New Delhi: The Delhi Union of Journalists (DUJ) felicitated veteran journalist Masoom Moradabadi at a ceremony to congratulate him on the release of his latest book . Moradabadi’s well researched work documents the 1857 revolt against the British and the pioneering role played by the Urdu press in that freedom struggle. Welcoming Moradabadi, DUJ President […]

EditorAugust 2, 2021

By Pervez Bari A book entitled “Nizaam-I-Bhopal”, highlighting the forgotten facets of Bhopal’s military history, penned by Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Milan Lalit Kumar Naidu, PVSM, AVSM YSM, the former Vice-Chief of Army Staff, was recently released. The book was released by current Vice-Chief of Army Staff Lt. Gen. C. P. Mohanty at Dronachal, the headquarters of Sudarshan Chakra Corps, in […]

adminMay 25, 2021

By Saket Suman, Book: The Globotics Upheaval-Globalization, Robotics and the Future of Work; Author: Richard Baldwin; Publisher: Orion/Hachette India; Pages: 292; Price: Rs 699 Predictions about job crisis that the advent of robotics and artificial intelligence may unleash in developing as well as developed nations have been doing the rounds for some years now but […]

adminMay 25, 2021

By Aroonim Bhuyan, Book: Inside the Mind of Xi Jinping; Author: Francois Bougon; Publisher: Westland Publications; Pages: 181; Price: Rs 599 With Xi Jinping being named President of China for life, a new book explores whether a new doctrine called “Xi-ism” has been etched into Communist political theory. In “Inside the Mind of Xi Jinping”, […]

adminMay 25, 2021

By Ravi Dutta Mishra, Book: Mastering the Market Cycle; Author: Howard Marks, Publisher: Hachette India; Pages: 315; Price: Rs 699 In his new book “Mastering the market cycle”, Howard Marks, one of the most successful investment managers, attempts to explain what makes and breaks the market and why economics and business never move in a […]

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