Canadian company to introduce smart headphone for interpretation

Canadian company has developed a smart headphoneOttawa (IINA) : Canadian company has developed a smart headphone capable of interpretation of a number of foreign languages, in a qualitative development of what is known as the “technology that can be worn”, Sky News channel reported.

The company “Waverly Labs”, which designed the new device consisting of two pieces, said: “The product will be in the market by May 2017, and will be able to translate to and from five languages ​​in the first phase, including English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese.”

It added that other languages that will be introduced ​​in the device at a later stage include Arabic, Russian and Hebrew as well as Asian and African languages.

Two people can use the headphones to talk with each other in two different languages simultaneously without interruption in the translation for the duration of their conversation.


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