Business group hosts farewell party for Faiz Ahmad Kidwai

Abdul Rahman M. Baig

JEDDAH — The Saudi Indian Business Network (SIBN) hosted a farewell party at Park Hyatt Hotel for the outgoing Indian Consul General Faiz Ahmad Kidwai. who is also the Vice Patron of SIBN.

It also welcomed new vice president Mohammed Alungal, chairman & MD of Al Abeer group.

A.K. Memon Gen Secretary, The Saudi Indian Business Network welcomed the guests and commended the tenure of Kidwai. “It was during his tenure that SIBN provided platform to various delegations from both countries to explore business opportunities, he said.

Alungal, in his speech, said that “though we are giving a farewell to Kidwai, our prayers are that we see him soon in KSA again with a higher rank or position.” He added: “I have learned several things from him. You have been a great friend to all Indians and a mentor to me.”

The event was anchored by Asim Zeeshan. who called the outgoing CG as the heartbeat of SIBN.

Kidwai in his farewell speech said, “Off all the Indian organizations which are there in Jeddah, it is my belief and firm conviction that this organization has the most potential. It is an organization that can take relation between two countries to new heights.

“When I joined three years back I felt little sad that SIBN was in a vegetable state for sometimes. The way it was started, the position it had, it had somehow lost its sheen. But nevertheless we have tried to revive it.

“After long meetings and conversations with Hasan Ghias, ex-vice president SIBN, about the formation and potential of SIBN, with his advice we got Dr. Ghazi Binzagr as its president after the revival. Binzagr was very enthusiastic, informative and always very helpful to do some meaningful work for this organization, not only in events but taking a successful good business delegation to India.”

He highlighted that Saudis know India very much than Indians know about Saudi Arabia. He further said that Indians have started working in this country for a very long time and it started with professionals, these huge numbers of labors are of a much later development. Our initials exports to Saudi Arabia were our professionals, doctors, engineers, architects planners who were at a service to the society.  It is important for us to be a positive admirer about this country in India.

Appreciation certificates were given by the consul general to SIBN convener and Consul Commercial Madan Kumar Ghildiyal and executive members and to the sectorial heads of IT who were instrumental in running the organization for the last one year. SIBN presented a memento and gift to the outgoing consul general.

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