Brazil could create jobs by boosting solar energy sector

brazilsolarBrasilia (IANS) Brazil’s solar energy sector could create up to 4 million jobs and bring in 11.3 billion reais ($3.2 billion) in new taxes if the government takes support measures.

If the government reduces taxes on solar energy raw materials and give workers easier access to those projects, nearly 8.8 million Brazilian houses and shops could generate their own energy by placing solar panels on the roof by 2030, said a Greenpeace report on Friday.

“All measures studied indicated that is achievable, based on the responsibility of municipal, regional and federal governments. Public authorities have the power to allow solar energy systems to become more attractive for the population. This study shows the best ways to do this,” Barbara Rudim, leader of the Greenpeace campaign, told a press conference.

The study shows that if the taxes are reduced on raw materials, the governments might temporarily lose revenue but this would be compensated in the long term by the creation of jobs, economic growth and the natural tax increase this would lead to, Xinhua news agency reported.

These incentives are also considered as being good for the environment, said Greenpeace.

The report pointed out that if more people generate more energy from the sun, the government will be able to reduce energy subsidies and cut the emissions from power generation plants.


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