Books worth Rs 86,04,253 sold at NCPUL Urdu Kitab Mela in Malegaon

NCPUL Urdu Kitab Mela 2021 in Malegaon registered an estimated sale of Rs. 86,04,253 till Saturday December 25, 2021

Malegaon: Books worth more than 86 lakh Indian rupees were sold at the Kul Hind Urdu Kitab Mela organised by the National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language (NCPUL) in Malegaon.

The 09-day Urdu Kitab Mela – NCUPL’s 24th and Malegaon’s 2nd, was inaugurated on Saturday December 18 and ended on Sunday December 26, 2021.

The All India Book Fair registered an estimated sale of Rs. 86,04,253 (Eighty-six Lakh Four-thousand Two-hundred and Fifty-three Indian Rupees) till Saturday December 25, 2021, according to the data provided by the National Council of Promotion of Urdu Language (NCPUL).

NCPUL, controlled by the Ministry of Education, Govt. of India which also publishes Urdu books on varied topics, emerged as the top book seller of the event registering an estimated sale of Rs.4,74,685/-.

Among the private publishers, Idara Kitabul Shifa sold books worth Rs. 4,48,000/- and emerged as the top book seller of the Urdu Kitab Mela 2021 followed by Al Hasanat Book Depot Pvt Ltd which registered an estimated sale of Rs. 3,60,500/- and Aqsa Book Centre which recorded a sale of Rs.3,18,000/-.

The figure cited above does not include the sale the Kitab Mela registered on Sunday December 26, 2021 – the last day of the national event. NCPUL expects total sale of more than 1 crore Indian Rupees once the sales-figure of the last day is included.

The NCPUL had received applications for more than 300 stalls from over 200 publishers operating from Delhi, Mumbai, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Hyderabad and Aurangabad etc. However, the NCPUL citing space restraint approved 164 stalls for 134 publishers. Some publishers were given permission for more than one stall.

The NCPUL organised its second Kul Hind Urdu Kitab Mela in Malegaon. The council had organised a similar Kitab Mela in January 2014 which was participated by a total of 58 publishers. The NCPUL Urdu Kita Mela in Malegaon had registered a record sale of Rs. 87,48,757/- in 2014.

“Urdu Kitab Mela Daily Sales”

Date Day Total Sale
December 18, 2021 Day 1 Rs. 2,40,920/-
December 19, 2021 Day 2 Rs. 8,52,800/-
December 20, 2021 Day 3 Rs. 8,65,690/-
December 21, 2021 Day 4 Rs.11,26,011/-
December 22, 2021 Day 5 Rs.10,94,090/-
December 23, 2021 Day 6 Rs.11,65,279/-
December 24, 2021 Day 7 Rs.10,98,050/-
December 25 2021 Day 8 Rs.2,16,1413/-
December 26, 2021 Day 9 Record Not available
Total Rs.86,04,253/-

“Malegaon Urdu Kitab Mela Top Publishers”

Srl. No. Name of Publisher Total Sale
NCPUL Rs.4,74,685.00
1. Idara Kitabul Shifa Rs.4,48,000.00
2. Al Hasanat Book Depot Rs.3,60,500.00
3. Aqsa Book Centre Rs.3,18,000.00
4. Shauqui Kitab Ghar Rs.2,72,500.00
5. Idara tus Siddiq Rs.2,29,500.00
6. Fardeen Book Depot Rs.2,17,500.00
7. Noori Mission Rs.2,11,400.00
8. Atfaal Book Depot Rs.1,88,500.00
9. Shaheen Book Rs.1,83,700.00
10. Shalimar Publication Rs.1,78,903.00
11. Noble Book Agency Rs.1,69,000.00
12. Darul Ilm Rs.1,63,500.00

The council had simultaneously organised various programs and competitions on the side lines of the Urdu Kitab Mela. One among such competitions was Science Model Contest to develop scitific temperament in school students. The contest was named after Dr Shafeeq Ansari – the senior faculty of Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi who died about six months ago at the age of 54.

Meanwhile, the NCPUL on the last day of the Urdu Kitab Mela on Sunday felicitated those helped it in organising the event.

The council also honoured Rasheed Artist, Saleem Shehzad, Siraj Dular, Ab Lateef Jafri, Feroz Badshah and Md Ramzan Famous with Iftikhar e Shahr award in acknowledgement of their contribution in different fields.

Also watch how Taleemi Tash re-designed by Atfaal Book Depot of Malegaon created wave at the NCPUL Urdu Kitab Mela 2021 in Malegaon.






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