BJP’s 2024 numbers alone trumps Cong’ total of 2014, 2019 and 2024 LS seats: PM Modi

New Delhi: Narendra Modi, after being elected as the leader of the NDA Parliamentary party on Friday, congratulated the alliance partners on their victory and slammed the Congress-led INDIA bloc over the latter’s posturing over Lok Sabha numbers.

The PM-designate described the 2024 victory as one of the biggest for the BJP-led alliance and said that the Opposition parties, in spite of conceding defeat, were projecting it as a loss for the NDA and a victory for the INDIA bloc.

He said that the Congress party couldn’t even touch the 100 mark this time and its numbers taken together in previous 2014, 2019 and 2024 Lok Sabha elections couldn’t match the BJP’s strength in this election alone but despite that, it goes the whole hog to discredit our victory.

“This shows their duplicity and eagerness to peddle false propaganda,” he added.

Notably, the BJP won 240 seats in the 545-member Parliament in 2024 polls while the Congress party won 99 seats. In the 2014 and 2019 polls, Congress won 44 and 52 Lok Sabha seats collectively. Together, that takes the Congress tally to 195, which is 45 less than BJP’s 2024 numbers.

The PM-designate also took potshots at the INDIA bloc over the latter’s cribbing on the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) and said that the issue may have died down for now but the Opposition will again turn it into a poll plank in the 2029 elections.

“Is the EVM matter alive or dead?” he asked, poking fun at the Opposition.

He also condemned the Opposition’s ‘medieval and regressive’ approach and said that they always tried to put stumbling blocks in the introduction of new technology.

“From UPI to Aadhar, they found faults with everything new. This shows their medieval thought,” he said.


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