BERRY IIT Introducing Mathematics Learning App



Math apps can range from basic arithmetic concepts like numbers, fractions to mathematical formulas, theorems. Educational App helps parents, teachers and students to instil basic and complex math skills with our math app which will assist them at home and school. These app aimed students of all standard to learn and practice math concepts. The app is designed as per the government syllabus

The Application has been designed to make mathematics learning easy to understand with the expert teacher. The application is designed in Android, Windows, Mac. It is in all boards SSC, CBSE, ICSE.

Every lesson is as per the government syllabus with newest light board technology, 3D Designed Explanation.

BERRY IIT is under development to introduce the the new way of learning with our Traditional Technology.

Traditional Technology of BERRY IIT is revolutionary for education industry will be realised in 2019.

Company Background

BERRY INTERNATIONAL INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY formerly known as BERRY IIT is an Indian company situated in Pune, Maharashtra that designs develop & sell consumer electronics products, which is into IT services & digital transformation.

BERRY IIT was founded by Uyes Inamdar it was incorporated in year 2012 initially it was named as BERRY COMPUTER COMPANY and was Officially Registered in year 2015 as BERRY INTERNATIONAL INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. Shagufta Inamdar is Managing Partner of BERRY IIT official authority.

Our mission is to modernize industries with the use of technology. The aim is to connect the world to the technology, we’ve been working on different technologies to uplift & transform technology.

The technology upgrades day by day, it has a cycle it doesn’t last for a while and the main point why we stand out from others is we upgrade in every minute our team is always been working to upgrade technology and to create the product for the customers, that makes us different we find products for our customers.

Company Description

BERRY IIT Started in year 2015 with aim to develop & transform technology in industries. In Education industry we have introduced different ways of learning which helps the student to learn in a better way and transform the classrooms with technology.

We serve into various fields, provide technology, work to modernize the way of working with the use of software, hardware, and make work easy and efficient.

Our Industries: –

  1. Education
  2. Cards and Payments
  3. Drones & Flying Machines
  4. Healthcare
  5. Retail
  6. Media and Entertainment
  7. Digital Insurance

We started with education industries, introduced different ways of learning & teaching, our company have in house product devolvement team, product design team, product testing team with all experts of the fields we work on. Our team makes us different.

Our aim is to develop a revolutionary product that will change the world, and help every common human, we are working on development of such products which are under development.

The Various fields like Education, Cards & Payments, Drones, Healthcare, Retail, Media & Entertainment, we transform them with technology, and create products for their needs to make their work easier & efficient

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