Bakra Mandies despite drought situation in Gujarat


Gujarati Goat,(Photo Maeeshat)
Gujarati Goat,(Photo Maeeshat)

Ahmedabad: Maeeshat News,

Prices of goats that are sacrificed on the occasion of Id-ul-Zuha have shot up in the Gujarat. Sellers in ‘bakra markets’ in the ahmedabad  rue the fact that the supply of goats has gone down considerably this year causing the rise in prices. Despite drought situation in Gujarat due to lack of rain this year  causing a lot of fodder loss and some goats also fell ill making them unfit for sacrifice. “Prices have gone up because supply is below average this year. We have lost many goats and are trying to cover our losses. When we raise a kid it costs us over Rs 300 per day and if we are unable to sell it for any reason we need to recover the investment,” said Mohammed iqbal r Sheikh, a trader at the ranip  market.

However, some buyers are waiting to buy their goats after Eid as prices fall considerably in the days following the festival. “Religious sacrifice, or the ‘qurbani’, can be done till the evening of the third day following the day of Eid. I have been to many bazaars but the prices this year are above my budget. So, currently, I have no other choice than to do ‘qurbani’ after Eid,” said Rameez Raja, a Naswadi resident, who has been scouring markets in Gujarat and Rajasthan since the last few weeks.

Punjabi, Hyderabadi, Ajmeri and Indori breeds are sought after by most customers and can cost up to Rs 1 lakh or more. “The costliest goat of this year so far has been a Hyderabadi with the characteristic white eyes. It was sold for Rs 1,11,786. There are a few more left which are of Indori and Punjabi breeds and will be sold for more than Rs 2 lakh each. It is an important festival for us and enjoying the meat-based meal is custom. People will not refrain from sacrificing just because the prices are high,” said Z A Saiyed, a veteran city-based breeder of goats.

With the goat vendors selling the goats at higher prices, price of the regular meat has also increased in the market. The regular meat which was sold at Rs 240 per kg is being sold at Rs 320 these days while the sacrificial goat meat will be sold for Rs 750 per kg.

All India Milli council, Gujarat has appealed to Gujarat government to activate municipalities throughout the State for three days for complete cleaning process from garbage yards and also provide a complaint cell.The Bakri Eid will be celebrated on 25th September,2015

Its President Mufti Rizwan Tarapuri and state General secetary and senior journalist Abdulhafiz Lakhani said Bakri eid is one of the most important festival of Muslims all over the world and it aims discipline among self and for the community. But unfortunately it has been seen that no one prefers cleanliness on this particular day. “Unfortunately, our brothers always throw the wastages on the streets and on the road side. By this, bad smell emanates and the movement on the roads becomes difficult. Muslims by this act show bad example among others. Islam emphasises that Muslims should maintain cleanliness in daily routine life as Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) said Cleanliness is half of the faith (Imaan)”.they added.

Mufti Tarapuri said the waste material is not collected by the municipal sanitary workers for three days posing danger to the health of the citizens. the government should supply animals through the Animal Husbandry Department to save the common Muslims from black marketers, seasonal traders and brokers.They also pointed out that on the occasion of the Eid, people from villages migrate to the city and camp on roads and burn heads and legs of goats causing atmospheric pollution and make it difficult to the passersby to move on road. “Therefore, we demand that the government involve local police station to stop this nuisance”, Mr. Lakhani Added


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