AYS Sdn Bhd getting good response from India

Mr. Liow Ren Jan
Mr. Liow Ren Jan

AYS Sdn Bhd has as its Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Liow Ren Jan, a visionary gentleman with strategic plans of bringing the company to greater heights as the leading frozen meals specialist in ASEAN. As the CEO, he played a major role in formulating the company’s vision – To be the market entry & development specialist in Asia, and leading provider of halal compliant products and services in ASEAN.

AYS Sdn Bhd, whose core business is in the frozen food industry, began its operations in 1996 in Selangor. Since its inception, the company has made inroads into many regional markets.

The company markets its own brand of Halal frozen foods manufactured under the brand name of “Sri Kulai”, the fi rst of its kind in the market. AYS also identifi es itself as a food solutions provider for the food and F&B related industries, in line with its vision. To that effect, AYS offers its services to help new entries expand their business in this industry, and provides consultation on export development as well.

The company had initiated its own licensing system in 2009 and hoped to promote that under the network brand of Sri Kulai Lifestyle Concept Outlets. Its 14 years of experience has certainly made it a subject matter expert in this fi eld, in addition to its acute understanding of the diverse business and social culture of the region.

The Products:

The company’s products and services can be categorized as follows:

Consultancy – Market entry & development specialist (Mergers & Acquisition)

Agency – Marketing & sourcing of Halal compliant products and services

Manufacturer -Microwaveable Halal frozen ready-to-eat

wholesome complete meals under the brand name, Sri Kulai.

International Markets:

AYS markets it frozen meals products and its expertise to countries within the ASEAN region as well as to China and India.

Moving Forward:

AYS will continue with its plan to establish its network of Sri Kulai

Lifestyle Concept Outlets that was launched on June 18th 2009, and has set its sight on 100 outlets within 5 years. Interested parties can enquire on the licensing system directly with the Licensing Development of the company.

Company Achievements

The company can be proud of its achievements, being a newbie in the world of Halal food production. Since it began operations, the company has been given the following recognition:

• Sri Kulai Ready-to-Eat meals is acknowledged as the Best Halal Product 2009 and awarded the Halal Journal Award at the 4th World Halal Forum Gala Dinner Night in Kuala Lumpur on May 4 2009. AYS was the fi rst Asian company to win this award since its award inception in 2006.


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