Andhra Pradesh: Politics Comes in the Way of Hindu-Muslim Marriage


Surat girl who went to AP all the way from Gujarat to marry her boyfriend was forced to give up her plans due to the intervention of the local administration acting as agents of a BJP neta

Umar Ahmed | Clarion India

NELLORE (AP) – In a test case of how communal politics can play havoc with the lives of common people in the country, a Hindu girl who had landed in Andhra Pradesh’s Kadapa district with the sole aim of marrying a Muslim youth was sent back home after the intervention of the BJP.

Though sounds innocuous, the incident left disquiet among the residents of a nondescript southern village of Badvel, not known to the communal polarisation of the kind that has become a trademark of the north India.

As is often said love knows no boundaries 25-year-old Miraj from Gujarat’s Surat fell in love with Sohail, a boy of her age from this nondescript village of Andhra Pradesh when she met him for the first time over Instagram three months ago. It was a proverbial love at first sight.

With regular interaction on the social media their love blossomed overtime, so much so that the love birds decided to get married transcending all social and cultural barriers. After three months of association, Miraj eventually decided to tie the nuptial knot with the Sohail. She could be able to convince her family about the alliance. Her family readily escorted her to Badvel and landed at the house of Sohail after an excruciating train journey.

However, she was forced to give up her plans all due to the intervention of the local administration acting as agents of a BJP neta. According to reports, Miraj, along with her family, left for Gujarat after being intimidated by local police in the name of counselling.
Had it not been for the interference of the BJP leaders, the couple would have bound in a lifelong bond of love by now.

It has come out that soon after Miraj left Surat along with her family local BJP leaders came into action. Through their counterparts in Delhi, they could be able to connect AP BJP unit’s in-charge, Sunil Deodher. They asked him to trace the Hindu girl who they alleged had disappeared from Surat.

Soon, Sunil reached out to district president Yella Reddy and circle ispector Venkata Subbiah of Kadapa who arranged a meeting of both the families at the police station where they were forced to give up the marriage plans.

Sohail comes from a humble background. His parents, who were initially reluctant to the match, conceded to the alliance for the happiness of their son after being persuaded by Miraj’s family. When all was going smoothly as per the plan of the couple, politics came in the way of their love life creating a wedge between them.

What is intriguing about the entire episode is that the politicians who were instrumental in causing the breakup had a last laugh. AP BJP state head Somu Veerajaju said to have congratulated Yella Reddy and Sunil Deodhar for the success of their nefarious design.

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