AMP Announces Awards of Excellence in the field of Education

AMP awardsMumbai: (Press Release) The importance of teachers can be understood by the quote of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) where he said that I have been sent only as a teacher to you. The Prophet reached the hearts and minds of people through educational activities. The role of a teacher/ educator in the society is both significant and valuable.

Association of Muslim Professionals appreciates the role of teachers and educators in the field of Education and extraordinary part they play in the lives of students during their formative years of development. It further recognizes their outstanding services and invaluable contribution to the students life in particular and the Society at large.

AMP, in it’s Board meeting ​on 5th Sept ’17, has decided to undertake an​ unprecedented initiative to appreciate the services of such teachers across the country​. We will be selecting 79 such exceptional individuals​ at the National level​ and presenting them with the AMP Award, a small token in recognition of ​their outstanding services in the field of Education and invaluable Contribution to the Society at large.

Aamir Edresy, President AMP said that, “I extend my warm greetings and felicitations to all the teachers, particularly those who have been selected and appreciated by AMP in recognition of their outstanding services in the field of Education and invaluable Contribution to the Society at large. While giving his message to teachers he said that “Today, in modern world, it is all the more necessary that our children understand the human values of love, respect and tolerance, which are essential for a peaceful world”. “It is, therefore, vital that teachers emphasize the importance of these values. Students should be made to think in terms of the welfare of humankind and progress of the nation”.

Soheb Selia, Organizing Secretary of AMP said that, we have selected 50 Educationists/Teachers from across India this year. These Educationists/Teachers have been selected with the help of our Chapter Teams.

Razak Shaikh, Core Team Member and Head, AMP Employment Assistance Cell speaking about the future plans of AMP, emphasised on the need of connecting these teachers in a formal network on national level so that they can share their experiences and learn from each other.

Najeeb Syed, AMP General Secretary said that Partnerships and Collaborations are the mantra for future. We have decided to partner with Teachers Association, Colleges, Schools and other Educational Institutions across India to execute our projects.

​AMP Congratulates these exceptional 50 Educationists/Teachers and ​the Nation salutes them!


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