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AL-Meswak Mu’min Sdn Bhd; Manufacturing Halal dental hygiene products

The key personnel of AL-Meswak Mu’min Sdn Bhd is its Chairman, En. Amirullah Hj. Abdullah. Prior to heading the company, En Amirullah has had 23 years working experience in a Financial Institution. With formal training in the field of finances, he brought with him his vast experience in Islamic banking, business consultation as well as motivator in education and human resources to the company. En. Amirullah’s skills and experience in leading the company lead it to be as successful as it is today.

En. Amirullah Hj. Abdullah
En. Amirullah Hj. Abdullah

AL-Meswak Mu’min Sdn Bhd (ALMM) was established in 2001, and proudly became a fully owned Islamic Bumiputra company in 2006. The company is the proud owner of the dental care product under the brand ‘Ubat Gigi Mu’min’ which is synonym with Halal dental hygiene products.

The company is set on achieving its’ vision of becoming a leader in the Halal industry products, specifi cally in personal care line, in Malaysia and world- wide. To realise this objective, the company is highly committed towards producing high quality Halal products to their users.

As a company dedicated to enriching the lives of its consumers, the company has also made it a priority to ‘give back to society’ in every possible way it can. One of the initiatives undertaken by the company along this line is the establishment of the Mu’min Fund (Tabung Mu’min) that is managed by the Malaysian Muslim Consumers Association (PPIM). ALMM has pledged that part of the profi ts from the sales of every ‘Ubat Gigi Mu’min’ throughout the nation will be channelled to this fund.

The funds are then used to help under-privileged individuals in need of assistance such as for medical needs as well as to assist families with children needing financial aid to further their studies.

Besides reducing the financial burden of those in dire need, the Tabung Mu’min Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia aspires to be the platform for society to improve their career through trainings provided by Yayasan Kerjaya (Career Foundation) and Yayasan Muamalat Belia (Youth Muamalat Foundation).

Amongst the activities, contribution and donations in which the Mu’min Fund initiated included:

– Contribution to the Muslim in Gaza, Palestine through the New Straight Times newspaper

– ALMM product contribution to Haj pilgrims through the national Haj Fund

– Distribution of Yassin booklets to mosques in the country

– Contribution to underprivileged families and individuals

The Products:

The company produces a wide range of Halal tooth paste. Its manufacturing process complied strictly to the guidelines stipulated by Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) in accordance with Islam jurisprudence. In addition to the above, the company has taken the initiative to invite Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia, PPIM (Malaysian Muslim Consumers Association) to monitor its manufacturing processes so as to confirm that the tooth paste it produces are safe and Halal. PPIM is also appointed as its Syariah panel so as to ensure the products produced strictly in accordance to Islam jurisprudence.

International Markets:

The company market its products namely in Malaysia through supermarkets, hypermarkets, sundry shops and other retail outlets. Apart from Malaysia, ALMM also exports their products to Iran, Denmark, China, Sudan, and Turkey.

Moving Forward:

Al-Meswak Mu’min Sdn Bhd plans to be the biggest and prime producer of Halal toothpaste in the world with its high quality products. For the future, the company is looking at promoting and distributing its products to the international market.

Company Achievements

ALMM has been awarded the Halal Certifi cation from Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) in 2004 and Malaysia Brand Equity Awards in 2008.

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