Al-Dawliya Co. – Hub for luxury watches & jewelry

AL-DAWLIYA Company for Watches & Jewelry, the agent of Gc, GUESS Watches, Nautica, Giordano, Harry Mason, Momo Design, Elle Girl & GUESS Jewelry and many other famous brands in the Kingdom, recently held a meeting at the Lazurde Hall in Park Hyatt Hotel-Jeddah attended by a big number of their distributors from all over the Kingdom.
Taha Ali Al-Haddad, managing director & founder of Al-Dawliya Company for Watches and Accessories, welcomed the guests and extended his thanks to the attendees.

Al-Haddad focused on the importance of concentrating on developing the services provided to clients in quest for sustainable development.

He emphasized the importance of continued cooperation to promote sales of watches represented by the company in the market, whether through international exhibitions in the finest commercial centers in the Kingdom or through authorized distributors and clients in all regions of the Kingdom.

He also highlighted excellence and superiority of the company’s team through continuous hard work in order to provide the best and improve after-sales services.

Moreover,  Al-Haddad provided detailed account on the latest models produced by Gc & Guess Watches launched recently in Basel World Fair 2014. “The Saudi market is very important to us, therefore, we are committed to launch the latest models of watches and jewelry (represented by Al-Dawliya Co. for Watches & Jewelry) here ahead of many international markets.”

Al-Dawliya Co. for Watches & Jewelry is currently deemed as one of the most important companies that present smart luxury watches & famous fashionable brands to the Saudi market.


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