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Mr. Waliurrahman Sharif
Mr. Waliurrahman Sharif

When Waliurrahman Sharif, who was born just 26 days before partition of India in the village of Karnataka, Silligram, had passed out the examination of matriculation in the age of sixteen, he was unable to imagine that there will be a time when talented engineers will work under him. In a talk with Danish Reyaz, the owner of Naitonvolo Industries, who had come up as a young child to help a married couple from his native village, tried to explore all along with the experience of suffering of the past which kept him motivating for the better. Presents key excerpts.

Q; How did you establish your company?

Ans; The story of my life is interesting and has a lot for others learn from it. When I passed fifth class, one of my cousins who then recently got married brought me Bombay to help in domestic work. I was living in a small room of a big building with 16 rooms. The work which I was assigned to do was to fill water and purchase daily requirements from market. One day, during filling water, I asked a boy whose name was Nasim Khan about his work. He replied that he works as a trainer on Luthob machine. I requested to accompany him at his work place and the very next day I went with him to the site where he used to work. As I was just 17 years old the owner refused to hire me because I was underage. I requested him that I don’t demand salary and only need training as I am keen to learn. Hearing my proposal he began to laugh and offered me the job. But after one month he recognized my effort and hard-work and paid me Rs 35. At this moment I am falling short of words to explain how glad I was after receiving my first salary. Today even If I get Rs 25 lakh I may not be as happy and glad as I was at that time. I worked there for three to four months, and then joined another job on the salary of Rs 60. Thereafter, I got job in Force Business Corporation that was transformed into Force Engineering India Pvt Ltd. Here I realized for the first time that why is valve not manufactured in India and why is it imported? I took admission in class seventh in Night School to acquire information and knowledge about valve. I still remember that in 1971at 4:30 pm I made my first valve of class1 gate6”4. The owner, as an appreciation to my dedication, gave me a tour of Haji Ali in his van and also presented me with gift. It was my obsession to acquire new information that gave me an edge over other educated colleagues and this very nature of mine helped me in later stage of my career. It is general practice that Boss takes the credit of work and it happened with me too but I was not discouraged, I continued doing my work with sincerity and dedication. In 1973 my salary was Rs 1200 per month. After two or three years, I got offer from Saam ji bhai Shiyam of Global Engineering Corporation and was paid Rs 25,000 in advance and my salary was Rs 3000 per month. Saam Ji bhai shiyam in a meeting which was held in the Taj Hotel, which was my first visit, made me to sign a contract that I won’t leave the company for the next five year. Then after two years, I was offered Rs 2 lakh in advance and my salary was increased to Rs 10,000 per month. At this moment I questioned myself why I am being so rewarded? Perhaps I have something in me which I have not discovered till now. After introspection I realized my potential and decided to start my own business. So, immediately I left the company and established Niton Valve Ind. Pvt Ltd and purchased a machine of 12,000 on installment.

Q: How education can help in promoting business?

Ans: The importance of education is recognized in every corner of life. But, you can’t achieve any level in any field only on the basis of bookish knowledge. It is an interesting fact to note that all those who have excelled in business were not highly educated. And also most of the people do not work in the field they have acquired education. The real test is to try his destiny in the field he has gained education and I believe one would definitely get success.

Q: How is the Indian democratic system for Muslim business man? Did you ever face any problem in the name of religion?

Ans: I divide religion into two types’ good religion and bad religion. Actually, there is no religion for bad men but they are present in every society. If you are good, then every system is good for you, but if you are bad, then every system is bad for you. 35% shareholders of my company are Guajarati, while Gujarati are not liked among Muslims. I am now sitting in the industrial estate where there are 350 factories out of which only 2 or 4 are of Muslims. But they have been electing me as a Secretary of the association for the past 25/20 years. People trust my integrity and honesty that they give me lakhs of rupees to save and even did not take notice of it for years. Alhamdolillah I developed my business without any loss. Actually those who make hue and cry, in fact they don’t want to do anything and accuse others.

Q; what progresses the Company wants to make further?

Ans; Within two or three months, Inshaallah we have planned to establish another company of same capacity for which preparation have been completed.

Q; what is the company’s annual turnover and expansion?

Ans; we have 650 employees of which 130 are graduates. Our branches are located in Khiyoli, Aurangabad, Navi Mumbai and Ghatkoper, Our annual turnover is Rs 125 crore.

Q; In beginning, what were the problems you faced?

Ans; I had plenty of problems because there was neither occupation and nor infrastructure but I had obsession to move ahead. When I went to Bank of Baroda for loan, the Bank manager cooperated with me because he had seen me working in former company and I got loan of Rs 25 thousand.

Q; Do you support for social and welfare services?

Ans; I am associated with educational institutions of Karnataka and Maharashtra and I realize that helping poor and marginalized is my first duty. I provide scholarship to hundreds of students every year so that they could serve the nation and society by getting higher education.


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