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A shortcut may not help you earning good money

Mr. Syed Waqar Naqvi, CEO of Taurus Mutual Fund, is among the few who strived in reviving company’s stability.  He not only made exceptional efforts in taking company to new heights but also succeeded in giving himself an identity in corporate world.

A special report by Danish Reyaz:

The laptop and two cell phones are in front of him and fingers are busy in flapping around accessories on desk. Meantime, secretary continuously transfers calls on desk phone and the calls are answered promptly. Let us conceive if a business professional performs with all his abilities, why won’t his company generate more and more profit???? Yes! He is Mr. Syed Waqar Naqvi, CEO of Taurus Mutual Fund.

He states: I belong to a respected family. My maternal grand father Syed Abdul Hasan Mutallib was director of education and my grand father was a landlord, his brother was a senior police officer. My father Syed Ziaul Hasan retired after serving as a ‘Class One Officer’ in Ministry of Telecommunication and my mother served as a principal. I passed S.S.C from St.Francis De’Sales High School and H.S.C from Hislop College with distinction. After baccalaureate, I successfully completed ICWA and MBA.

The children, who are clever and active, know to enjoy the life. They sometime despair everyone by making odd decisions and sometime astonish same people by furnishing their life. I think, an educatee can achieve his ambition right away after getting his favorable destination. Mr. Naqvi was admitted to engineering college and he never resisted considering parents respect. The environment of college was entertaining, the pin money and motorcycle’s rides amused the life completely. The period of two years between 1987 and 1989 was dedicated to friends but opened his eyes as well, he says.

I completed B.Com and accomplished the degree of MBA after ICWA. At the time of leaving engineering, I knew what I have been doing and what I have to do, so I never faced any problem and succeeded every time with excellence. It’s a fact, that children those who are intelligent in their studies also like to perform well in sports. Mr. Naqvi was the skipper of hockey team; he was also awarded for essay writing and performing well in shooting.  He further says that he was infected by typhoid in his childhood, astonishingly; he attended all the paper of final examination and succeeded.

First job is always considered very important. Mr. Naqvi started serving as a ‘Management Trainee’ in Thermax Limited, Pune. Since, it was a clerical job so he left the organisation and joint Apple Finance in 1993. Later, he joint GETF in 1995 and Skies Finance in 1997. He worked for next eight years between 2000 and 2008 with Birla Group Mutual Fund. In February, 2008 he was designated as the CEO of Taurus Mutual Funds, which started its business with the capital of 128 Crore in 1994.  As soon as Mr. Naqvi took the control of company its capital started circulating around 5000 Crore. He says that market isn’t stable and keeps fluctuating but we have achieved a peak of six thousand four hundred Crore.  The business was entirely affected due to few applied policies recommended by Reserve Bank of India, but now we are anticipating to achieving a target of 6000 Crore.

Mr.Waqar Naqvi Chief Executive Officer TAURS MUTUAL FUND Phot By-Maeeshat
Mr.Waqar Naqvi Chief Executive Officer TAURS MUTUAL FUND Phot By-Maeeshat


Q:  When we are discussing regarding economy and trading especially investment, how an entrant in this field may derive a benefit?

A:  The newcomers should invest in equity through a distributor. After that he can move towards Mixed Products and then Monthly Income Plan subsequently. The investment in Equity Mutual Fund can be benefited for a newcomer and he shouldn’t rely on distributor completely. For thorough information and performance on current market, one may visit

I advise young people to invest in Equity Fund with the planning of ten to fifteen years and elders shouldn’t invest a lot in Equity because the market is fluctuating.

Q: How does your company manage to perform business?

A:  We always focus on ‘Fixed Income Products’.  For instance, if our company’s capital is 700000 Crore, we shall invest 500000 Crore in ‘Fixed Income’ and balance will be invested in other products. We haven’t implemented any shortcut or easy formula in the functioning of our company instead we moved steadily in order to develop our credential in market. We performed extremely well with sincerity and have won people’s confidence.

Q: What are your perceptions on current market?

A:  The recession has affected our economy but the market is now stable. The government is taking serious measures in order to strengthen the economy and we have to wait further for better advancement.

Q: Do you see foreign interest in mutual fund?

A:  The foreign investors are interested in financial institution not in mutual fund as they know how to mint money. They like to invest either in currency and exchange or both of them and as far as Indian share market is concerned; it is benefited from all the areas.

Q: How would Obama’s win in presidential election influence Indian economy?

A:  He didn’t mention India’s name in any of his campaign, although, he discussed about China and want to resolve contentions between Iran and Israel zealously. The war between these two countries will result a hike in oil industries across the globe and effect share market drastically. At the moment, we aren’t anticipating such state of affairs and looking forward for better vistas in future.

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