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4th All India Minorities Business Summit

Economic Mainstreaming of Minorities: Strategies & Actions

Date & Time: December 21, 2012; 5:00 pm (Sharp)

Venue: Deewan-e-Khas, Islam Gymkhana, Marine Lines, Mumbai

The framers of our constitution recognising the special needs of the minorities granted them protection through constitutional measures in matters related to their freedom and prosperity. However, over six decades since independence we have experienced that minorities’ interests can be served better when the majority community is taken on board on issues of common interest. Two important common issues are communal harmony and economic betterment.

Harmony is very often like the moon, when it is not waxing, it is on the wane. Therefore we believe in cultivating harmony through every possible opportunity. The opportunity we have been exploring and experimenting with over the last few years has been through promoting business relations with various communities. We cannot claim that the journey has been smooth but it has definitely been encouraging and inspiring.

Only in recent history have we seen leading intellectuals, business executives and professionals joining the minorities to understand their economic and business requirements and supporting their cause. Consequently, in the last few years we have seen India’s mainstream business houses launching schemes which not only address the economic needs of minority communities but also comply with their religious beliefs. Even government owned financial institutions are now feeling encouraged to come forward with similar plans.

Building on this we have decided to organize 4th All India Minorities Business Summit in the financial capital of India, Mumbai.

Like our previous events, this year too we hope to attract some of the top economists, business executives, policy makers, academicians and activists. We also hope that business houses in large numbers will support our initiative to make this Summit a grand success and help us build a better common tomorrow.


We also plan to institute an All India Business Harmony Award

to be given in recognition of achievement of harmony through business.

Corporates interested in sponsoring the award may contact the following:


Some Possible Slogans:

  • Making Harmony is our Business
  • Achieving Harmony through Business
  • Committed to build a better tomorrow
S. No. Remarks Topic Speaker
1 Keynote Address Economic Mainstreaming of Minorities: Strategies & Actions. Mufti Barkatulla
2 Financial Inclusion of Minorities through Financial Market Syed Waqar Abbas Naqvi
4 Experience of Shariah Compliant Products in India Market Dr. Shariq Nisar
5 Shariah Dictum on Economic Cooperation and Prosperity Mufti Barkatulla Abdulkader
6 Role of Stock Exchange in promoting financial inclusion Mr. Santosh Mansingh
7 BSE TASIS Shariah Index Mr. Arun Dollas
8 How to Bring Minorities in the Economic Mainstream Mr. Suhail Lokhandwala
9 Case Study of Bhindibazaar Project Abizer Deewanji


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