3,941 pilgrims arrive in Madinah after completion of Hajj rituals

hajjMadinah (IINA) : As many as 3,941 pilgrims arrived in Madinah, Islam’s second holiest city, by Thursday after they completed their Hajj rituals, to visit the Prophet’s Mosque, according to the figures released by the Madinah-based National Adilla Establishment.

The number of those who arrived via Prince Mohammad bin Abdulaziz Airport accounted for 618 pilgrims and 2,293 through the Pilgrim Reception Center in Hijrah Road at the gate of Madinah, while 1,030 pilgrims arrived by land.

The figures showed that the number of remaining pilgrims in Madinah for this year’s Hajj reached 3,934 pilgrims, noting that 1,359 out of them are Egyptian nationals.


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