23 Muslim Girls from Delhi Govt. School in Jamia Nagar Crack NEET-2020

23 Muslim girls from Delhi government school - SKV Noor Nagar - qualify NEET-2020
23 Muslim girls from Delhi government school – SKV Noor Nagar – qualify NEET-2020

569 students from Delhi government schools have qualified NEET-2020 – 379 of them are girls

Mumtaz Alam | New Delhi

In a remarkable performance, as many as 569 students from government schools in Delhi have cracked the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) this year – 379 of them are girls. Of these girls, 23 are from one school in Noor Nagar locality in the Jamia Nagar area.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and his deputy and Education Minister Manish Sisodia have congratulated all 569 successful students and their parents and promised them monetary support for their higher education.

The Vice Principal of Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya- Noor Nagar has expressed happiness on the success of her 23 students in NEET-2020.

“This is a proud moment for this area. Our teachers and students have been working very hard. These children have given us what we were expecting, rather the success of so many students was unexpected. We were expecting that 15-18 students will crack this exam but 23 have cleared it. We have given one mantra to our students – work hard silently and let success make noise,” said Mudassir Jahan, Vice Principal of the school.

Talking to Inclusive India, Areeba, one of the successful girls from the Noor Nagar school, said: “This is a normal government school. I have studied here from Class 9th to 12th. In class X, I had got 78% marks and in Class XII, I got 83% marks.”

Areeba, eldest among three siblings, has qualified the NEET-2020 but as her marks are not higher she will get admission in private medical college whose fees her parents cannot afford. She, therefore, plans to sit for NEET again next year.

She could not take any coaching for the NEET-2020.

She has requested the Delhi government to provide support to girls like her to attend online classes.

Areeba’s father is an electrician who could study till Class X.

Many of these successful students from government schools are from poor or lower middle class families.

569 Students from Delhi Government Schools Qualify NEET-2020 – 379 of them Are Girls

Buoyed with the extraordinary success of students from Delhi government schools in JEE and NEET, Chief Minister Kejriwal on Tuesday addressed the Delhi residents through video and congratulated the students and their parents. He specifically mentioned some students who have got high marks and also three schools from where a good number of students have cracked NEET-2020.

“Many students from Delhi government schools have qualified NEET-2020 and JEE-2020 with flying colours. Delhi’s education revolution is leading from the front,” said Kejriwal.

“569 students from Delhi government schools have qualified NEET-2020, of them 379, that is 67%, are girls. From SKV Molar Band, 29 out of 118 science students have cracked NEET, 24 out of 137 science students from SKV Yamuna Vihar and 23 out 81 science students from SKV Noor Nagar. 48 out of 569 are those who got over 500 marks out of total 720 marks,” he said.

In a series of tweets, Deputy CM and Education Minister Manish Sisodia mentioned some students who have got high marks in JEE and their families.

“Ayush Bansal (Govt School, Paschim Vihar), whose father works in a bookshop, secured 189th rank & will study at IIT-Roorkee. Nikhil (Govt School, Dwarka), whose father runs a cycle repair shop & mother is a housewife, secured 678th rank & will study at IIT-Bombay. Garvit Batra (Govt School, Paschim Vihar), whose father is an AC mechanic, secured 1228th rank & will study at IIT-Kharagpur. Vaibhav Goyal (Govt School, SN Marg), whose father is a shopkeeper, secured 3578th rank & will study at IIT-Roorkee,” tweeted Sisodia.

In his video speech, the CM also mentioned some students who have got high marks.

“Tamanna Goyal has got 695 marks. Her mother works as a housemaid in some homes. His father has no work. Khush Garg’s father runs a small shop (Khush has got 709 all-India rank). I am telling you about the occupation of their father and mother because I want to tell you that talent does not depend on money. If children of poor people are given good and equal education, they can also show excellent performance,” said Kejriwal.

In engineering exam JEE, 443 students from Delhi government schools have qualified JEE Mains, 53 of them have cleared JEE Advanced, it means these 53 will get direct admission in IITs.

The CM said: “Ayush Bansal has got 189 rank, he has been offered Electronic and Communication trade at IIT-Rourkee. His father works at a book shop and earns Rs 5,000 monthly. Nikhil is from RPVV Dwarka, has got 678 rank and has got offer from IIT-Bombay in aerospace engineering. His father runs a cycle repair shop. Garvit Batra has got 1228 rank, has got offer from IIT-Kharagpur, industrial and system engineering, his father is AC mechanic and earns Rs 8,000.”

Chief Minister Kejriwal said that the success of government school students in tough exams speaks loudly about “the revolutionary changes taking place in Delhi government schools.”

“Children of poor families reading in our government schools, are going ahead in competition. I always said that if we want to eradicate poverty from the country, one thing through which we can do it in one generation is education. If we give good education to all children, including those of poor families, the change can come in one generation. Seventy years have passed since Independence, but we are struggling with poverty. If we want to remove poverty in one generation, we will have to give good education to one generation. These children who have done wonderful performance are inspiration for other children,” he said.

He also promised that none of those students who have cleared Class XII will have to drop due to money.

“No student needs to worry about money. Don’t worry if your parents don’t have money. We have arranged funds for your good education. Those who have passed class 12, whether from private or govt schools, if your parents don’t have money to continue your education further, but you want to study, and have got admission in college, then Delhi govt has arranged lots of scholarships for you. Any student from rich or poor family can get loan of up to Rs 10 lakh from the Delhi government without mortgaging anything and can get good education,” said CM Kejriwal.


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