Prominent Women Activists Resolve to Jointly Fight for Their Constitutional Rights


There are enough laws to protect women, yet violence against women is rampant in the society, said JIH Women’s Wing secretary Mrs Atiya Siddiqua


NEW DELHI – At a Webinar organised by the Women’s Wing of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind recently, prominent women activists of the country have resolved to fight together for the constitutional rights of women.

The participants of the webinar,  titled ‘Safeguarding Constitutional Rights of Women: Whose Responsibility?’, were of the opinion that women in India are yet to be given their due and joint action is needed to safeguard their constitutional rights.

The reasons behind being lack of awareness among women on their rights, less representation of females in all major public spheres including decision making bodies and judiciary and of course corrupt politicians, observed the women activists.

To safeguard our constitutional rights it is time to show the way to those politicians who do not respect the constitution marring not only the women’s betterment but of the entire nation, said the women activist in the webinar.

Delivering her  inaugural address, JIH Women’s Wing  secretary Mrs. Atiya Siddiqua said that there are enough laws to protect women, yet violence against women is rampant in the society. Calling for a change in the mindset, she said that there was a need for treating women equally and justly for the overall progress.

Noted social worker Aruna opined, “India is not just a piece of land. It consists of people. If we have to make it great, we have to work for its people. The main reason for the mistreatment of women is that people give more importance to gaining wealth.”

Reminding people of their duty, advocate Avani Chokshi said that Article 14,15,42 and 51 of the Constitution enjoined upon every citizen to renounce practices derogatory to the dignity of women. She has pointed out that there is a feudal mindset everywhere and there is no scope for women in the present regime.

Dr. Sucharita from ‘Puroami Mahila Sanghatan’, a women orgnisation said that women didn’t get equal treatment anywhere, at work or at home. “Those who commit atrocities are not punished. Women must fight for it. Every woman should be aware of the rights provided by the constitution,” she added.

General Secretary of National Federation of Indian Women (NFIW) Ms Annie Raja said, “it is a shame that after 75 years of independence, women were auctioned online. Women are facing the worst ever problems in the country. Exploitation in jobs and disparity in wages are rampant.”

Dr Purnima Pattanshetty, an educationist said that the next generation should be educated without discrimination between boys and girls. She said, men need to be involved in women’s platforms so that they could become more empathetic towards women’s problems and change their attitude.

In her presidential address JIH Secretary Women’s Wing, Mrs. Rahamathunnissa clarified  stressing that the Webinar is not against men but against the incompetent system. She said, “if women are not granted their rights to live, lead a life of dignity and involved in public affairs the adverse effect will be on everyone including men. Honest and justice loving women with courage should come in decision making bodies. Education is the first step for this but the government is spending more on statues than on schemes like Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao. It is the responsibility of everyone but more importantly those in authority, the educated and the privileged to safeguard the rights of women, she concluded.”

Programme Convener  Ms. Mahnaz Ismail, Ms. Qasima Shaheen, Dr. Zebaish Firdous, Ms. Tooba Hayat and Ms.Fakhira Tabassum also addressed the Webinar.

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