Yunani Health mela at Jaipur attracts seasoned physicians; swears to make it people’s friendly!

By Jawed Khurshid
In what may be termed as a record breaking medical event organized by the state of the art Yunani Medical facility in India, Hamdard Laboratories New Delhi, JLN Group, All India Yunani Tibbi Conference New Delhi and All India Yunani Tibbi Congress Rajasthan have joined hands to organize two days long national conference at Jaipur where Yunani specialists from all over the country congregated.
The Chief Minister of the state Ashok Ghehlot in his inaugural speech extolled the alternative system of medicine in combating lethal diseases in the country. “Ghehlot seemed exuberant while recalling Yunani medicines in addressing the root cause of the diseases and its growing popularity among the common people.
The symposium cetered round, “Yunani System of Medicine – Importance and Utility”
Founding director of the JLN Group and the chief organizer of the event Dr Azam Beg swore to connect maximum number of people of the state to this exclusive system of medication till 2030 in order to provide benefits of the Yunani system – a vision of Ashok Gehlot. He provided the blueprint of the vision.
The event boasts of the presence of the state Ayush and Technical Education Minister Dr Subhash Garg as the chief guest who inaugurated the event. The Vice Chancellor of Ayurved University of Jaipur, Pradeep Kumar Prajapati was the guest of honor.
Dr Subhash Garg, while addressing the distinguished guests at Rajasthan Panchayti Raj Sansthan, has pledged to take the Yunani system of medicines to another level. “We won’t spare any effort to make this medication available to common folks in the state” the minister said. “This system is not counter productive and thus has no side effects,”
Among the major development, Dr Azam Beg informed the audience, the university in the state has established Yunani colleges in the state including 50-additional beds for Yunani patients in Barmer, appointments of 249 Yunani doctors in the hospitals, besides establishing Yunani excellence centre in Bharatpur.
The seven-hundred odd guests participated in the event.

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