Two Padma Shri Doctors Join USTM

9th Mile, Khanapara, Ri-Bhoi, February 1, 2024: Dr. Sarbeswar Sahariah and Dr. Ilias Ali, both recipients of the esteemed Padma Shri award, have officially become part of the University of Science and Technology Meghalaya (USTM) today. While Padma Shri Dr Sahariah has joined as the Pro Vice Chancellor of USTM, Padma Shri Dr Ilias Ali has joined as Distinguished Professor at the upcoming PA Sangma International Medical College & Hospital (PIMCH) of USTM. Alongside them, over 40 esteemed physicians, including retirees and those opting for voluntary retirement, are set to enrich the medical landscape at USTM. Notably, the 1100-bed hospital will feature a 350-bed super specialty section equipped with state-of-the-art technology and facilities dedicated to cutting-edge research.

The day has been marked by an insightful address by Dr. Sarbeswar Sahariah on the topic “Organ Donation: A Humanitarian Approach”. Dr Sahariah is the Chief Transplant Surgeon & Urologist at KIMS Hospitals Hyderabad and has been associated with Renal Transplantation programme at many medical institutions in different states of the country.  He hails from Mangaldoi in Assam and since 1981 he has performed more than 3000 successful renal transplant operations which is perhaps the largest by a single surgeon in the country. Seeing the vision of M Hoque he was impressed and decided to dedicate his time to the people of the North East. He has assured to establish the Nephrology and Urology Centre of Excellence at PIMC.

Dr Ilias Ali, Managing Director of Global Hospital in Guwahati has been championing the cause of family planning and the necessity to adopt birth control measures in the backward areas of Assam. He encourages people to undergo the No Scalpel Vasectomy (NSV) and despite strong resistance, he has motivated around 55,000 people to undergo the NSV process between 2008 and 2018.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Sarbeswar Sahariah emphasized that the establishment of a top-tier private medical college locally would significantly stem the exodus of students from the North East seeking medical education elsewhere. Initiated by USTM and ERD Foundation Guwahati, the PA Sangma International Medical College & Hospital (PIMCH) stands committed to its mission of providing free healthcare services to impoverished patients.

Highlighting the pivotal role of research in healthcare institutions, Dr Sahariah commended USTM’s multifaceted initiatives across allopathic and Ayurvedic domains, emphasizing their potential to propel medical research and development.

Founder Chancellor of USTM, Shri Mahbubul Hoque, extended a warm welcome to the incoming medical professionals, emphasizing the institution’s pursuit of visionary doctors dedicated to patient care, education, research, and administration. Prof GD Sharma, Vice Chancellor of USTM also graced the occasion today. The medical community expressed unanimous appreciation for USTM’s healthcare initiatives.

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