Report- Cow Vigilantes Allege Muslims Rape Cows in India

Syed Ali Mujtaba

Muslims raping cows is a new charge that is leveled by cow vigilantes in India. A queer case of cow rape by a Muslim from Haldwani, Uttarakhand has come to the limelight, as reported by Harsh Mander a human rights activist, peace worker, writer, and teacher.  The story suggests the degree of venom, the cow vigilante holds against the Muslims.

The story goes like this. Mohammed Nafees, a carpenter, in Haldwani, knocked on the door of his Hindu employer to recover his dues. The employer, instead of paying him his due remuneration, alleged that Nafees had raped his cow. Hearing the bickering in no time a crowd gathered to take the matter in their hands. They believed in the employer’s allegation and overpowered Nafees.  They blackened Nafee’s face and tonsured his head and thrashed him brutally. The crowd handed over the ‘culprit’ to the police who took no pains to investigate the matter and arrested Nafess instantly.

The local newspapers and publications close to the Sangh-BJP, like Organizer and OpIndia, ran shrill stories and commentaries decrying Nafees for his contemptible act of raping a cow, an act that was yet to be proved.

The headline of the Organiser was; “Islamist tried raping gau mata, Hindus shave his head”. The report claimed that such assaults on cows are becoming commonplace, and sought a stringent law to be made to punish such evil acts.

The cow in question was later medically examined and the medical report found that the domesticated animal had never been sexually assaulted either by any human or any beast.

After the medical report, the police released Nafees but took no action against the employer who had made false accusations against him or incarcerated any member of the mob that almost beat Nafees to death. Similarly, the Hindutva media like the Organizer and OpIndia that highlighted this story never retracted from their earlier write-up, let alone apologized for it.

The cow vigilantes after detesting the Muslims from eating beef, or going for love jihad, have added a new arrow to their quiver. The Hindutva brigades are now saying to the Muslims; you are stealing our women through love jihad and you are raping Cows that are our mothers.

This story is one among many more humiliating stories that are afloat in India against the Indian Muslims.

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