Rebuilding Trust is theme for Davos annual event

New Delhi, Jan 14 : World Economic Forum Annual Meeting will convene under the theme ‘Rebuilding Trust’ to provide the crucial space to step back and focus on the fundamental principles driving trust, including transparency, consistency and accountability.

To meet this ambition, the architecture of the Annual Meeting 2024 will focus on the core roles and functions developed throughout its evolution.

As such, it will serve as a place for open and constructive dialogue among nations and all stakeholders in society, bring the leaders of government, business and civil society together in search of solutions to critical global challenges, help connect the dots in an increasingly complex environment of wide-ranging change and provide foresight by introducing the latest advances in science, industry and society.

The Annual Meeting 2024 will welcome over 100 governments from around the world, all major international organisations, the Forum’s 1000 Partner companies, as well as civil society leaders, the foremost experts, today’s youth generation, social entrepreneurs and the media.

The programme will consist of well-structured and well-prepared workstreams directly related to the crucial issues driving the future across four interconnected thematic priorities, Achieving Security and Cooperation in a Fractured World, Creating Growth and Jobs for a New Era, Artificial Intelligence as a Driving Force for the Economy and Society and A Long-Term Strategy for Climate, Nature and Energy.



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