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National Halal Digital Platform Takes Flight at World Halal Business Conference Circuit 2023 in London

London – During the tabling of Budget 2024 on the 13th Oct, Y.A.B Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim, the Prime Minister of Malaysia said Halal Development Corporation Berhad (HDC), together with the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (JAKIM), will lead efforts to simplify the entire halal certification process. HDC has proactively addressed the challenges faced in the halal certification process. To streamline the application process, HDC together with Digital Panacea Sdn Bhd (DPSB) has been developing innovative solutions and improvement through National Halal Digital Platform (NHDP).

At the World Halal Business Conference Circuit 2023 (WHBC Circuit 2023) London, HDC and DPSB marked a historic milestone by exchanging documents, signifying the soft launch of NHDP as one of HDC’s strategic response in improving the Pre-Approval and Post-Approval stage of Halal Malaysia certification process. HDC, represented by Hairol Ariffein Sahari, Chief Executive Officer, and DPSB, represented by Y.M. Syed Mohammad Hafiz Jamalullail, Managing Director, were joined by Dato’ Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia and Khairul Azwan Harun, Chairman of HDC, as the main witness to this historic event.

“NHDP aims to revolutionise the halal application process, offering a comprehensive digital platform that ensures efficient and seamless processing. While JAKIM will remain the approving authority, NHDP will monitor and manage the entire application journey, from pre-approval to post-approval. By incorporating disruptive technologies and features, NHDP will provide applicants with tools for regulatory compliance and halal assurance, including traceability features”, said Khairul Azwan Harun.

HDC was given the mandate by Majlis Pembangunan Industri Halal (MPIH), National council to advise the Malaysian Government in Halal Industry matters, to champion improvements of the Pre-Approval and Post-Approval stage of Halal Malaysia certification process. JAKIM on the other hand, will focus on improving the Approval stage towards reducing the processing time to just 30 working days. One of the action items to be implemented is to collectively fortify the existing digital structure through public-private initiatives.

Upon approval, NHDP will make halal certification accessible and convenient for all, placing everything at the fingertips of users. Market access and management will be facilitated through the Halal Integrated Platform (HIP), a Halal Ecosystem Networking Platform. NHDP shall seamlessly integrate all three stages of the Halal certification (pre-approval, approval and post-approval) to allow companies to be facilitated throughout their halal certification journey so that businesses can optimise their Halal certification investment. It enables the Halal Certification process empowerment by leveraging on HDC and JAKIM capability by complementing each other roles in the Halal Malaysia certification cycle. HDC will be working with DPSB, the technology partner to assist HDC to manage the development and implementation of the NHDP.

HDC is also working towards incorporating the i-Mesra system, it will be the tool for F&B operators (Food and Beverage) to initiate and guide their journey towards Halal Certification. i-MESRA system will be a thorough reference validation system for F&B operators and consumers to ensure that the food served and sold are using halal certified ingredients. Within a certain period of time, through the collaboration with NHDP, Entrepreneurs will be better guided and facilitated in obtaining their Halal Certificate.

Speaking at the occasion, Hairol expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “The National Halal Digital Platform is a game-changer for the Halal industry. We are not only optimising and facilitate the Halal certification process leveraging on emerging technology but we also opening up more opportunities for tech startup, service providers and industry experts to work together with HDC through NHDP to collectively elevate our National Halal Economy.”

The WHBC Circuit 2023 is a platform where Malaysia promotes market access and internationalization by fostering collaborations and partnerships with other countries. This initiative creates cross-border trade and investment opportunities for Malaysian businesses in the global Halal market.

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