Muslim NGO helps to bury or cremate over 2,170 Covid victims

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New Delhi: The volunteers of Tamil Nadu Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam (TMMK) are sparing no efforts to ensure a decent burial or cremation of Covid-19 victims. They have continued their service even while observing the dawn-to-dusk fasting during the month of Ramadan.

The medical wing of the TMMK had started the service last year. They have so far helped to bury or cremate over 2,170 persons belonging to different faiths, The Hindu reported.

”Our volunteers helped in the burial or cremation of 1,820 persons who died of COVID-19 till March 31. More than 350 bodies were handled in April alone, till Monday,” says M. Mohamed Rafi, joint secretary of the medical wing.

They do not charge for their service. However, the cost of the personal protective equipment they use and the cremation and burial charges are borne by the families of the deceased. ”If a family is unable to bear these expenses, volunteers try to source money from sponsors,” Mr. Rafi says.

Around 50% of the volunteers have taken the COVID-19 vaccine, Mr. Rafi says. Efforts are being made to get the others vaccinated.

The volunteers transport the body from the hospital to the burial ground or crematorium.

Religious rites are performed by the kin of the deceased. In the case of cremation, they take the body to the crematorium and hand it over to the staff there. And in the case of burial, the volunteers themselves do the work.

TMMK is a Muslim non-governmental organisation. It was founded in Tamil Nadu in 1995 by M. H. Jawahirullah.

The Muslim community have drawn appreciation from across the country as several members of the community been at the forefront in the battle against Covid-19. They have been extended their services in various forms.

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