‘Maqalat-e-Sir Syed’ and biography of ‘Haji Maulvi Mohammad Ismail Khan of Dataoli’ Released

Aligarh, May 30: The Aligarh Muslim University Vice Chancellor, Prof Mohammad Gulrez today released the eighth volume of ‘Maqalat Sir Syed’ (Essays of Sir Syed) and biography of ‘Haji Maulvi Mohammad Ismail Khan of Dattavali’ in a function at the Sir Syed Academy, AMU.

Speaking on the occasion, Professor Gulrez said that works related to Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and Aligarh Movement should be published in Nagri and other languages also, so that the message of Sir Syed spreads far and wide.

He said that illustrated and pictorial books should also be published especially for children, so that the young generation becomes familiar with Sir Syed and Aligarh movement. “Children have special interest in illustrated books, and Sir Syed Academy should focus on it”, he said,

The Vice-Chancellor further said that valuable historical and cultural artefacts and photographs of eminent persons and important events are preserved in the museum of Sir Syed Academy. “Periodic educational trips and visits of school children to this museum will help the young generation to learn about the significance of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, and the Aligarh Movement which he started along with his associates” emphasized Prof Gulrez.

The Vice Chancellor appreciated the books published by the Academy and acknowledged the hard work of the researchers and authors.

Padma Shri Professor Hakim Syed Zillur Rahman said that Sir Syed’s faith was very strong. “It is pertinent to research the references used by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan in his religious writings, so that it becomes clear what Sir Syed wrote was also written by some of the famous thinkers and commentators like Ibn Rushd, Razi, Avicenna etc.

He congratulated the Academy for publishing some very important works.

Commenting on the biography of Haji Maulvi Mohammad Ismail Khan of Dataoli, authored by Dr. Asad Faisal Farooqui, Professor Shafey Kidwai (Department of Mass Communication) said that the author has used authentic references in his book, which is necessary for a good and quality research.

It may be noted that Mohammad Ismail Khan was born in Dataoli village near Aligarh. He joined the Aligarh movement in 1869 at the age of thirteen and supported Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and his educational movement not only financially but also through his writings. He was a Vice President of the Management Committee of MAO College (1882) and served as one of the trustees of the College since Sir Syed’s days till 1908. He was also an active member of the Sir Syed Memorial Fund Committee (1901). “When Sir Syed was ill, he was the person who took him to his house. Sir Syed lived his last days there, till he died on 27th March 1898”, pointed out Prof Kidwai.

Earlier, Professor Ali Mohammad Naqvi, Director, Sir Syed Academy welcomed the guests. He talked about the publications of Sir Syed Academy and extended thanks to the Vice Chancellor and University Administration for their patronage to the Academy.

Dr. Mohammad Shahid, Deputy Director, Sir Syed Academy said that the Academy has published several books including forty monographs on Sir Syed’s associates. He extended thanks to the speakers and dignitaries present in the programme.

Dr. Syed Hussain Haider conducted the proceedings.

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