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ICJ to deliver interim ruling on genocide case against Israel on Friday

Tel Aviv, Jan 25 : The International Court of Justice (ICJ) will on Friday announce its verdict on South Africa’s plea for an interim ruling in its genocide case against Israel.

South African officials, according to Hebrew media, have already reached The Hague, Netherlands, which is the headquarters of the ICJ.

South Africa had raised the issue of the Israel-Hamas war before the ICJ and accused Israel of genocide in Gaza.

Israel, during the hearing, had rejected the charge of genocide and in its defence stated that the charges are “grossly distorted”.

Israel said that it has the right to defend itself and it is targeting Hamas, which on October 7 had “swarmed into its territory, unleashed brutality beyond comprehension and slaughtered 1200 people”.

Israel also said that 240 people were kidnapped and kept as hostages by Hamas in Gaza.


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