Constitutionalism and secularism is the only way forward.

Dr Azam Baig
National Organization General Secretary IMCR, New Delhi

Mohammad adeeb, Former Union Minister Khurshid raised questions on Modi government’s policies in Ahmedabad IMCR session, former deputy speaker of Rajya Sabha Rehman said “Seeds of hatred are being sown”

Indian Muslim for Civil Rights (IMCR) has organized many programs in different states of the country over the period of last 1 year and today, on 26 August 2023, a one-day state level representative convention was organized at Rabindranath Tagore Hall, Paldi, Ahmedabad. Convener of the conference, National Organization General Secretary of IMCR, Dr. Azam Baig and State President of Gujarat Pradesh Congress Minorities Department, Mr. Wazir Khan Pathan jointly issued a press release stating that intellectuals from different communities,retired administrative,judicial officers,educationists and politicians from different political parties participated in the convention.

Addressing the convention on the occasion, former Union Minister Salman Khurshid said that there are many challenges before the country, but the matter of gravest concern is the constitution and secularism, which are facing serious challenges in the manner in which the issues are being addressed in the Lok Sabha and in the Rajya Sabha trying to distract and the voice of the opposition is being suppressed, this also poses a serious concern.

Former deputy speaker of Rajya Sabha K. Rehman said that the kind of politics that is being practiced at this time is very dangerous for the country and an open challenge to secularism. The general public of the country is badly troubled by the problems, but even in such times, even the Constitution is being violated just to win the elections. The stake has been placed. Addressing the gathering, Syeda Syedain Hameed, former member of the Planning Commission, said that the time has come when women will also have to stand against every oppression and excess, and what has happened in Gujarat has hardly happened anywhere.
Expressing concern over the release of the accused in the Bilkis Bano case and on top of that honoring them, we had not imagined such a society, he also referred to the violence in Manipur and called it a threat to the unity and integrity of the country.

Samajwadi Party leader Abu Asim Azmi said about the constitution that the country should be paramount for us and if there is injustice to any person in the society, then we should stand up for it. In protection of power against particular community anti-social elements get organized and raise anti-constitutional and anti-social slogans on the streets, openly commit atrocities on women and the ruling party remains silent. We all should unite for the unity and integrity of the country.

Congress state president and MP Shakti Singh Gohil attacked the Modi government and termed it as a rip-off of democracy. He said that officials close to the Modi government are advocating for a new constitution. Members of the Gujarat Legislative Assembly and senior Congress leaders also addressed the conference. Former Member of Parliament and President of IMCR Mohd. Adeeb said that constitutionalism and secularism is the only way forward. Without this the country cannot move forward.

The convenor of the convention Mr. Wazir Pathan and co-convenor Nasir Khan welcomed all the guests by garlanding them and presenting mementos.
In the vote of thanks, State President of Gujarat Minority Congress, Pathan told the IMCR to be the voice and need of the hour and asked the general public to come forward to strengthen organizations like these and unite to save the Constitution and the country. Co-coordinator Mr. Mirza Aslam Baig also expressed gratitude to all the guests and dignitaries who attended the session, present audience and assured the delegates from all the districts of Gujarat that whenever the state level organization of IMCR will be formed, all the intellectuals, civil society of the state, efforts will be made to strengthen secular forces through consensus by involving senior members of the Congress and all political parties.


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