Call for Abstracts to an Edited Volume ‘Reflection on Indian Muslims – Present Grim Future Tense’

Author, journalist, and Academic, Dr. Syed Ali Mujtaba, is seeking the attention of the contributors to submit their abstract for his forthcoming edited volume, titled “Reflections on Indian Muslims – Present Grim, Future Tense.” 

Concept Note – The grim reality that stares Muslims suggests the largest minority community in India is living on the edge. The current situation suggests that the anti-Muslim wave is gripping this country. The 20 percent Muslim population is pitted against a hostile 80 percent population and is unprotected. Executive, judiciary, media, and even civil society have turned their backs on Muslims. This alarming situation has led many to ponder where the Muslim game is heading in India. What will be the future of the Indian Muslims in the foreseeable future? How the Muslim community will regain its societal balance is the talk in each Muslim household.

A cursory look at the realities faced by the Muslims tends to suggest they are living in a hostile environment.  They are being hounded for wearing a hijab; getting lynched for transporting cattle, their places of worship are being vandalized, and their resistances are bulldozed which are new normal in the country.

Indian Muslims are suffering from a crisis of identity, unemployment, education, and employment problems. They are politically underrepresented, economically marginalized, and are increasingly being invisiblized. The unending cycle of illiteracy and poverty drives them to despondency and stops their progress in India.  In such a situation it’s tough to imagine how 22 crore Muslims will be in the future India. The executive, judiciary, the media, the civil society are no more sympathetic towards the Indian Muslims. Today the greatest challenge Muslims face is a hostile government at the center and in many of the Indian states. How Muslims are going to negotiate their future is haunting the 22 crore Muslim population in the country.

It is in this context the future trajectory that Muslims can develop is the need of the hour so that the community can strive for a dignified living in the country.  A suggestion is put forth that Indian Muslims have to recalibrate their political future in India. Education, business, capacity building, etc. are all hackneyed talks to keep the community entangled. The pivot of Muslim’s abysmal condition lies in the politics of the country. Muslims have to develop their model based on self-interest to participate in democratic politics.  The need is to get a credible leadership that can give electoral muscle to the community first. Muslims should have their psephologist, election strategist, and such kinds of people to develop the political strength of the community.

Another suggestion is that Indian Muslims should put out a message that pushing them to the margins may not serve the interest of the country. The persecution of the Muslim community if continues to grow will destabilize the Indian society. The turmoil created will engulf every community in the society.  So to seek social stability, Muslims have to be accommodated with a large heart by the majority community. At the same time, Muslims should wake up to the realities and make efforts to create social balance for their future progress.

The edited volume “Indian Muslims – Present Grim Future Tense,” is being planned. In this context, the editor of the book is giving a call to the contributors to send their abstracts of their papers in 150 words. The appeal goes out to scholars, academics, postgraduate and research students and anyone who may like can contribute to this volume. Submissions of the abstracts should be made in English and Word files as an attachment to the email id: {}. The editor reserves the right of its selection.

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