‘A contractual obligation’: Wipro on lawsuit against Jatin Dalal

Bengaluru, Jan 12 :Bengaluru based corporate giant Wipro on Friday clarified that there is nothing personal about lawsuits filed against former top officials of the company.

“It’s about contractual obligations,” the company said.

Thierry Delaporte, Wipro CEO, addressing media after announcement of December quarter results said that the company is sticking to business practice.

“The company is not destabilised by these decisions because we have the pipeline. We have been in business for 30 years. I know how this is working and we only apply those normal terms and we are committed to our employees,” Thierry Delaporte said.

“We realise that when you are bringing talent, we have been also promoting a lot of talent, it triggers a little bit of churn and you must be prepared for that. If you are transforming the organisation and if you are providing as much talent in the organisation as we have done over the last two to three years, you have prepared for the fact that some people will decide to go,” Thierry Delaporte said.

The Bengaluru-based corporate giant Wipro has filed a lawsuit against its former Chief Finance Officer (CFO), Jatin Dalal, in the Bengaluru Civil Court. In turn, Dalal, presently with Cognizant as CFO, has submitted an application to the court requesting arbitration.

Wipro has sought Rs 25.15 crore damages from its former Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Jatin Dalal for violating the non-compete clause of his employment contract.

Wipro had recently filed a complaint against its former senior vice president Mohd Haque for violating non-compete covenants by joining Wipro’s direct competitor, Cognizant.



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